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Corey Pro Photography: My Thoughts
Corey Pro Photography: My Thoughts

I like tattoos. Not the cheesy Indian ink type or the "I'm an idiot and tattooed my forehead" type, but the "wow, thats art type"- because I have lots of those.

On the idiot note, however; at 34 I discovered that tattoos hurt infinitely more coming off than they do going on. Think it before you ink it, is my new motto.

I don't particularly like seafood, and I'm not a vegetarian, but my favorite food is vegetarian sushi. If you've never thought about combining cucumbers and seaweed, you really should- its delightful.

While UB40 never gained all that much popularity, I think Red, Red, Wine is one of the coolest tunes ever written. Ironically, I prefer white over Merlot in real life.

Speaking of music, I think Green Day gets entirely too little airplay.

I can read parse Ancient Greek text, conjugate Spanish verbs, but admittedly still forget whether punctuation is supposed to go on the inside or outside of a quotation mark in English.

I think pink is a completely legitimate color for guys.

I love traveling. In my life I've trekked across over 45 countries and clicked the shutter of my Canon in a total of 8 countries during 2010. While its hard to list a favorite, Belize is a place that would top the list (been there twice). You should go sometime. I'll even come down and shoot your wedding.

I love my country, but when I'm traveling I tell people that I'm Canadian. Seriously, have you ever seen a Canadian killed in a youtube video because someone was angry about Canadian foreign policy? Neither have I. I travel a lot and live to tell about my experiences because I am smooth like that.

For the last 16 years, I've often wondered what was in Marsellus Wallace's brief case. If you can convince me as to the correct answer, I'll give you a discount off a wedding package- but don't tell me it was gold, or his soul, because I'm not buying those theories. But, I do want to know. Badly.

So, if you like UB40, tattoos, sushi, traveling, Pulp Fiction, obscure languages, or just want a talented photographer to shoot your wedding, shoot me an e-mail; I'd be glad to talk to you.




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