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Corey Pro: Giving Back
Corey Pro: Giving Back
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giving life through wedding photography...

I'm a firm believer of the old proverb that "wherever a man's money is, that's where you'll find his heart as well." That is why, in the very early days of Corey Pro, I established a partnership with Thirst Relief International, which was founded by my friend, Jim Davis-Hicks. Thirst Relief is doing an amazing job providing long-term solutions to the world's water crisis, which has left nearly a billion people in the world without clean water.

Since our very first year in business, Corey Pro has donated a portion of each wedding towards the purchase of bio sand water filters, and we will continue to do that for every wedding in our future. However, in 2011, I wanted to take my commitment to Thirst Relief one step further.

Instead of giving Thirst Relief simply a portion of each of my weddings, I am giving them a WHOLE wedding. That's right, one wedding where I do all the work, and they get all the pay.

Whichever Corey Pro wedding of the 2011 season falls closest to July 4th, will officially be the Thirst Relief Benefit Wedding. 100% of all the proceeds of the wedding will go entirely to Thirst Relief-- I will not even be deducting the "hard-cost" or "cost of doing business" from the amount, which essentially means that I'll be giving them 100% of the money received for that shoot, plus I will be paying all of the cost-of-business (which is substantial: albums, canvas, payroll for my other photographers & album designer, etc), out of my own pocket.

Why? Because I really believe in what Thirst Relief is doing, and want to put my money where my mouth is.

Even if your wedding isn't this year's "benefit" wedding, your wedding business will still fund at least one bio sand filter, which will impact an entire community for many years to come.

Thanks for helping us support Thirst Relief!